For more information about Oakville School District athletics, please contact Phil Spengler, Athletic Director at pspengler@oakvilleschools.org
    Message from the Athletic Director:

    The athletic program is an integral part of the total educational effort provided by the Oakville School District. To be successful, the athletic program requires a partnership between student athlete, parent/ legal guardian, coach, and administration.  This partnership must be based on honesty, mutual respect, and open communication.

    The Oakville School District athletic program is intended to provide students at all levels an opportunity to achieve excellence through participation in sports, while maintaining a strong emphasis on academic excellence to ensure that students have the skills needed to become productive, positive citizens.  The principles concerning competitive participation shall include development of physical fitness, skills and abilities, mental alertness, self-discipline, leadership, high self-esteem, good sportsmanship, knowledge, and appreciation for success in a particular sport. Coaches and athletes are expected to give their best at all times.

    Sportsmanship and fair play are intrinsic to the athletic program and will always be important in our goal of gearing all activities to the highest level of achievement possible.